Express your inner artisan. Experiment. Dabble. Invent.

In Union Market, you can do you, and at the same time, reinvent yourself any way you see fit. It’s an approach to living that’s been knitted into the fabric of this area for decades: Genuine innovation. Unbridled originality. Ledger is the highly anticipated sequel to a story, centuries in the making.

A trip down memory lane.

The market dates back to 1871 when it was called Centre Market, located where the current National Archive Building sits. Markets have existed on the same block of land going as far back as 1802. Decades later, Central Market moved to the current seat and was renamed Union Terminal Market. Forty years later, the name was changed to its present day Union Market.

The name “Ledger” is a nod to the many hard-working vendors and crafts-people of Union Market’s rich past, referencing the hand-written records of their sales and inventory lists amongst the bustle of the market. Similar to the elegant and deliberate notetaking of days gone by, residents will find equal dedication and time-honored appreciation of quality in the design of this unique apartment community.

Today, through a concerted effort with local business leaders, developers, and officials, Union Market is at the top of its game, known as a thriving lifestyle destination with a character and personality unlike any other in the district.